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Roman's Having Sex Again

Once again Nikki doesn't disappoint. The whole story of Summer and Roman is entertaining, charming, dramatic at times and really sweet.  Every part with Roman's parents had me in fits of laughter. Every girl should have there own Roman! 

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Heavy moments featuring infertility and a guilty conscience are balanced out with moments from Roman’s parents – if they don’t have you laughing I’m not sure anything will!!

In short, another cracker from Nikki Ashton.

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Well wasn't this a delightful little jaunt?! I just love when I take a chance on an author that is new to me and it totally pays off. This story was charming, sweet, funny, and indubitably entertaining.  There were many wonderful characters to get to know, especially Roman's parents (they were a hoot!)

Natalie the Biblioholic

This book will make you laugh, cry, turn you on, make you angry, keep you guessing and make you believe in happily ever after. Such a wonderful book.

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OMG, if ever a book deserved more than 5 stars it’s this cracker. Outstanding, laugh out loud, panty melting goodness all wrapped up in one heartfelt package!

Tangents & Tissues

Great mix of humour and a romance brimming with sexual tension, in addition to a storyline with far more serious undertones. 

Rachel's Random Reads

This was my first book by this author, but it will definitely not be the last, because I absolutely adored it :) a perfect escape from reality, it was hilarious and sweet, with some more serious and vulnerable scenes in it as well and with the most beautiful epilogue ever.  

If you want to laugh out loud and get lost within the pages, this particular book will definitely give you just that :) 

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Box of Hearts

Nikki Ashton at her absolute best!!

After reading this book once I knew it was going to be my favourite book from Nikki (at least until Garratt’s book comes out!).


Both Jesse and Millie have their baggage but are so easy to like, even if you do want to smack them round their heads to sort themselves out. But the absolute star of the show is Addy (Jesse’s daughter) who is an absolute sweetheart (and needs her own book at some point).


This book provoked more tears than I’m use to from Nikki but there was still the humour which is provided mainly from Auntie Ruby.

Easily a five star read, I would give more if I could!

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