Box of Hearts

“This book provoked more tears than I’m used to from Nikki, but there was still the
“Nikki Ashton at her absolute best!!”

Can two lost souls find love after loss?
Box of Heartshumour…Easily a five star read, I would give more if I could!”

Millie is unlucky in love and when her long term relationship ends like a soap story line, she takes drastic action. She applies for an overseas job as opera
home school teacher on an American family Ranch and finds herself instantly attracted to single dad, Jesse, her boss. As for Jesse, well he doesn’t need her getting in his business and constantly reminding him that he neglects his daughter.

In Jesse Connor’s
eyes his life would be simple if it consisted of three things. His ranch, his cattle
and his horses. But it doesn’t- for one, there’s his young daughter, Adeline, who is fighting for his love and attention because he’s the only parent she has. Then there is Millie Braithwaite-that damn beautiful English woman.

Millie & Jesse are two broken souls who are both fighting against the inevitable, because they both know that this time their hearts could be shattered beyond repair.
Box of Hearts is the first book in the Connor Ranch series and tells the story of second chance love and the joy and sorrow it can bring.

Angels' Kisses

Second chance love has never been so strong

The much anticipated follow up to Box of Hearts, Angels’ Kisses is the second book in the Connor's Series and it will make your heart smile and cry in equal measure.

GARRATT~ Sometimes the love or lust of your life gets lost. I lost my girl seven years ago. I tried to get her back but to no
.avail she is gone. Until one wedding brought us back together and she may think she is getting away, but not in this life time....

JEMMA~ I was head over heels for Garratt Connor but we were young and life changes. I need to be there for my sister and when things were done and over it was too late. And then running into him at the hotel well that was a beautiful thing. EXCEPT my secret will never let me be loved. He may hate me for life but I am leaving and he will be none the wiser...

Garratt is a man determined to make Jemma his, and he’ll use every trick in the book to make sure it happens – after all, Garratt’s sexy moves and dirty mouth are irresistible, and that’s just his opinion. 

This is the story of the loss and tragedy we sometimes have to face on the path to happiness, but ultimately this a story of strength
,determination and

Secret Wishes

Secret Wishes is a story of change, a story of growth and a story of two people who were meant to fall in love.
Join the Connor family for the final 
instalment of the Connor Ranch Series, in this beautiful, heart-wrenching love story.

Caleb Tremaine is a quiet country boy, who leads a simple life. All he ever wanted, was a family that loved him and to work with his beloved horses - the Connor family gave him all that and more.

Lorelai, Jesse Connor's cousin, is wild, sassy and sexy with crazy ways and a great collection of slogan t-shirts. She says it how it is and is never too shy to dish out a bitchy comment – whether it’s needed or not. All she’s ever wanted is to know where the latest party is and which boy she can fool around with next. But, when her crazy goes too far, she’s shipped off to her cousin’s ranch.

Caleb Tremaine - I tried to appear calm, collected and unaffected by the little demon princess that Ted had brought home with him. Bonnie had warned me that Lorelai was a live-wire, but I hadn’t for one-minute thought she’d affect me in such a way. I wanted to kiss those 
beautifully big lips of hers until she could hardly breathe. As soon as I’d laid eyes on her something shifted inside of me and I felt helpless. Anything she’d asked of me in that moment, I’d have done it.
Lorelai’s attraction to the quiet, sexy cowboy is more than just physical. His constant need to call her out on her attitude and reminding her she’s worth much more than that she settles for, triggers emotions she’s sure she doesn’t deserve.

Lorelai Connor - He had no idea what I wanted, or even what I deserved in life. He didn’t know me. Aim higher he said, well it was hard to aim higher when your own actions kept pushing you back to ground level.
They shouldn’t work together, but somehow they do and a blossoming friendship soon turns to something so much more.

Will Lorelai ever believe she is worthy of the love Caleb seems insistent on giving her, or will her past choices come back to ruin her secret wishes.


Do You Do Extras?

   Grantley James is Hollywood’s newest action hero. He’s got the looks, the body but can barely crack a smile.

Phoebe Drinkwater is an Extra on Grantley’s new film. She’s happy and fun loving but will never be as beautiful as her parents’ imaginary youngest daughter, Melania.

How will Hollywood's newest sex symbol take it, when Phoebe literally bumps into him and tells him he has a fat head? Now's your chance to find out, but remember, whatever happens on set, stays on set.

At the centre of this beautiful romance are moments that will make you laugh out loud, and those which will pull at your emotions, but all in all you’ll get a stonking good read.   

Kindle Cover.jpg

Pelvic Flaws

When one sneeze can ruin your day and it's not just the hairs on your head that need a dye job, you know your life is changing!

I’m Katie Grainger, I’m 45 years old, a divorced mother of three, slightly annoying at times, but always loveable, kids and I can wet myself at the drop of hat. Actually, it’s more like a sneeze or a cough than a drop of a hat, but whatever the reason, let’s just say I am forever grateful for the invention of the ultra-thin panty pad.

I don’t have a bad life, there’s book club where I discuss the menopause with my friends, there’s Clubbercise where I wet myself and dance like my mother with my friend Mandy and there’s my work which is pretty boring, where I get to learn a lot about reality TV from my much younger co-workers. All of which makes me content – yes, I’d like more sex, but who wouldn’t when their castle hadn’t been breached for four years. 

Do I have regrets in my life?
Yes, I do. I regret that my ex-husband, Carl, and I didn’t realise we’d grown apart sooner. I regret not trying more online dating when I first got divorced and I regret that my youngest, Charlie, feels torn between pleasing me and his dad. What I don’t regret is my bag breaking and spilling everything over the pizza place floor, the night Dex Michaels was in there ordering a 9inch meat feast.

Pelvic Flaws is the story of one woman’s struggle with hot sweats, mood swings and perilously poor pelvic floor muscles. It’s the story of Dex, who thinks all those things about Katie are funny and adorable. It’s the story of a romance that could turn into something big. It’s the story of what might be the love affair of the century, potentially being ruined by the baggage that neither of them knew existed.

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‘When my heart met yours, it knew’

Elijah Cooper had loved Amy Brown for as long as he could remember.
She was his first love, his soulmate, the woman he adored.

Amy Brown had loved Elijah Cooper since they’d been teenagers 
He was her first and the last man she’d ever love.

One night changed everything. 
A night where they would both lose the most precious thing to them – each other.

Five years later and they had both moved on with separate lives.
Five years later and everything had changed but was still the same.

This is a story of young love, heartbreak, and maybe second chances, if only they would trust their hearts

Kindle Cover.jpg


I am hers, she is mine and he is who we created

Samuel Cooper didn’t believe in love not since he’d had his heart broken in the cruellest of ways which was why he’d been unable to give her what she wanted.
Maisie West was happy with her life until she saw him again and then it all started to unravel and the man who had abandoned them was thrust into their lives.
Samuel told himself it was not the life he wanted, but the walls around his heart quickly began to crumble.
Maisie tried to stay strong and continue to fight her feelings, but someone else’s heart was more important than her own.
Could they overcome their fears, or would the past be too hard to forget?

This is the story of a man and a woman
This is the story of a father and son.
This is the story of love.